Patios Bars & Restaurants

Your customers will enjoy your food and drinks more when they are comfortable.  As the evenings become cooler, or the summer ends and a fall chill sets the scene, use Art of Heat's incredible and immersive warmth - and make your restaurant the go to outdoor space.

Turn it up a notch on cool days.  Treat your customers to something special. 

A warm welcome - because not all outdoor heat is created equal.

No glowing elements, no gas bottles to change, no burning heads - make your restaurant the "hot spot" in town. 

Because the best heat - is the heat you can feel and can't see!

If you need it, remote control comes included with Wave and Curve outdoor systems - these units also have four varying heat output settings - We have small units for localized heat and 84 inch long systems that can gently warm a large swathe of your bar or a large dining table - All from a single unit.

Our systems are over 98% efficient - that means they're tougher on the cold and gentler on your operating costs and the environment.

All our outdoor systems also come complete with swivel mounting brackets and an IP65 waterproof rating for your peace of mind.